The Book BroadHi, my name is Christina and I’m The Book Broad. Why am I The Book Broad? Well, first of all, it’s very difficult to come up with the name of a blog that hasn’t already been taken. And there’s a lot of pressure to name your blog something you want associated with you. But really, I’m The Book Broad because I’ve always loved reading. I love language. I love words. And I also love to get caught up in a story. As a single parent, I didn’t have time to read anything (besides children’s books) for YEARS! Now my daughter is in college, the free time has returned, and I’m enjoying a renewed relationship with books. With that extra free time, I also want to write down and share my musings about the stories I read.

There is no theme to this blog. I read fiction, non-fiction, biographies, true crime…whatever sparks an interest. I grew up reading Nancy Drew and Little House on the Prairie, but I also read Papillon for a book report in middle school. I couldn’t get enough of Existentialism and Theater of the Absurd in my teen years, but at the same time, I would devour Stephen King books. Love in the Time of Cholera is one of my favorite books, but I also relished The Stranger Beside Me, Ann Rule’s book about Ted Bundy (I may have to read both of those again!).

I buy books online, seek them out in used bookstores and those little bookstores attached to libraries, check out books from the library, purchase and read electronic books on my smart phone. However, I’m not a mass consumer. In other words, I don’t read just to read. I choose my books carefully and enjoy them to the fullest. If a book doesn’t have me hooked within the first several chapters, I abandon it. I have to feel a connection.

So there’s the back story of The Book Broad. My inaugural book and corresponding blog post will be Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed. I thought this would be appropriate as I start my own (blogging) adventure. I hope you’ll return and check out my first book post coming soon…