Here’s how amazing this book is: I’m resurrecting The Book Broad after more than a year to tell the handful of people who have read my blog “READ THIS BOOK”!! I’m not going to sugar coat it – this is intense, heavy at times, difficult at times. But for those of you who, like me, read books in the hope of being transported to another place, meeting people you’d never meet in life, learning about life through people who have never lived but who have become entirely real and knowable to you – then READ THIS BOOK!!

So, about the book. Four guys who met in college living in New York, young with ambitions yet uncertain about themselves and their future. Their personalities and histories unfold in the mosta-little-life natural way through stories about them and how they feel, how they react to their circumstances. Suddenly, there’s a shift and you realize the story isn’t about the four of them, it’s about one of them. And then you realize, the story is about this one character’s “little life”, which is actually a huge life. But he can’t see it because of his personal tragedies. That’s all I’m going to say, so you’ll have to READ THIS BOOK!!

I have read a lot of books (I Am The Book Broad, after all) and I have never been so moved, felt so sad and so joyful and so heartbroken reading any book. I sobbed, literally reading through tears as I finished the book, then instantly wanted to start again at page one and read it again. Anyone can look up the plot summary online, but it won’t do justice at all to the experience of reading the book and living the lives of these characters with them. This book is not for the faint of heart, or anyone who wants something light and fluffy and quick. It’s down and dirty, up-to-your-elbows in suckiness and resilience and wonderfullness (I made up a couple of those words). So you bibliophiles, get out there and read A Little Life!